Insurance Policy for Golf Courses & Country Clubs in Arizona

Arizona Golf Course & Country Club Insurance PolicyWhether you run a private, semi-private or daily fee golf facility, your customers depend on you to have freshly trimmed grass, greens that don’t run too fast and a challenging golf course for their quick 9 or 18 holes of comradery and fun. You should be focused on making the experience at your golf course or country club the best in the business, so let the insurance agents at Insurance Brokers of Arizona cater to your needs with an insurance policy for Golf Courses & Country Clubs in Arizona. We have insurance companies that tailor specifically to your needs, not policies that will leave you feeling like you’re stuck in a sand trap.

Golf Course & Country Club Insurance can include:

Golf Property WRAP

  • Additional Covered Property
  • Golf Ball Property Damage
  • Personal Property of Members, Customers, and Guests
  • Personal Property of Golf Club Professionals
  • Golf Carts and Grounds Maintenance Equipment
  • Owned and Members Carts
  • Leased or Borrowed Golf Carts
  • Golf Course Sprinkler System
  • Outdoor Trees and Plants
  • Fine Arts (including trophies, mementos, and club prizes)
  • Spoilage
  • Food Contamination Shutdown–Business Income
  • Utility Services–Direct Damage
  • Utility Services–Time Element
  • Pollutant Cleanup and Removal–Business Income

Golf General Liability WRAP

  • Golf club professionals and not-for-profit members covered as additional insureds
  • Fire, Lightning, or Explosion Damage
  • Broadened Medical Payments
  • Reporting period extended
  • Personal injury broadened to include contractual liability; discrimination or humiliation when not related to employment practice
  • Bail Bonds Payments
  • Loss of earnings due to time off from work
  • Automatic Additional Insured protection to:
    • Eligible persons or entities that require your customer, by written agreement, to name them as an additional insured
    • The owner, manager, or lessor of the premises leased to the named insured
    • Persons or entities the named insured leases equipment from
    • Primary and Noncontributory
  • Primary & noncontributory
  • Waiver of Transfer of Rights of Recovery

Additional Coverages Available

Tees, Greens, and Cut Fairways Coverage

Provides coverage for direct damage to golf course tees, greens, cut fairways, and other maintained playing surfaces. Club Professional Replacement Expense Coverage Provides coverage for specific expenses incurred to replace the club professional/lesson activities during a replacement search from a covered accident.

Golf Course Trees – Expanded Causes of Loss

Expands protection for trees, shrubs, and plants to include damage from wind or hail, vehicles, or vandalism.

Golf Course Trees, Shrubs, and Plants — Debris Removal

Expands debris removal coverage for trees, shrubs, and plants. Provides coverage for debris removal from wind or hail.

Focus on maintaining your golf course and let the insurance agents at Insurance Brokers of Arizona find you the right, comprehensive insurance policy for your Golf Course or Country Club in Arizona. Our agents work with multiple insurance companies to find you the right insurance coverage at the right price. Call 480-812-1998 for your quote.