If you’re searching for HOA or Condo Association Insurance Coverage, you’ve come to the right place.

A condo requires a special master insurance policy to protect all of the owners shared or common areas such as walkways, stairs, pools and the exterior of the buildings. Often referred to as a “walls out” insurance policy. This is a reason people love condominiums: the exterior of the property is maintained by someone else while the interior is the owner’s responsibility. The owner of a condo unit will need to carry their own policy (referred to sometimes as a “walls in”), but that policy typically only protects what is in their unit.

Because each individual has their own policy, the owners collectively need to pay for the common areas to be covered such as the walkways, pools, hallways etc. When you’re looking for a new master insurance policy for a condo complex, there are many things to consider:

  1. What are the details of the master policy? What’s included?
  2. What is a reasonable deductible your association can agree on?
  3. How much coverage should you get?
  4. Does the policy need to have flood, wind or earthquake coverage?
  5. And more

If you’re association is in need of a new master condo insurance policy, contact the insurance experts at Insurance Brokers of Arizona.


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